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The Fredrock School of Drumming specializes in private instruction customized for any age and skill level.  Whether you're a young student whose parents are tired of dinged pots and pans, a school-aged student seeking to excel in band & drumline activities, or you're just inspired by music and curious about drumming and playing in a band, I'm ready to help you on your journey.  If you're willing to put in some effort, I can promise you a rewarding boost to your knowledge and confidence.  Let's do this!



Seeing my students learn and grow is its own reward.  Teaching involves both listening and learning for both student and instructor.  Here are some of my student's experiences in their own words.


Parker, Age 16

"I have been to multiple 'professional' instructors in my few years I have been drumming and none of them can hold a candle to Fred.  The dynamic is just different with him.  He doesn’t see it as "teach them to get paid."  It is more like him sharing his joy and experience with us so we can enjoy drums just as much as he does."


Masyn, Age 8

"I love playing the drums.  They are loud, noisy, and a lot of fun!"


Kai, Age 10; Kelton, Age 5

Kai's favorite part of drumming is learning more drum fills. Kelton loves the hi-hat!