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Fred Fischer

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"Freeze this moment a little bit longer; make each sensation a little bit stronger"

-Neil Peart

This quote from my favorite song, "Time Stand Still," by Rush, holds deep meaning to my experience as a musician and as a person.  Drumming is the art of capturing and manipulating time itself.  Each beat, tap, click, and kick is a world of intention and expression.  As rhythm is one of the basic building blocks of communication, learning the language of drumming is like learning the language of the heart.  It is, at the same time, simple and complex, subtle yet powerful.

That may sound a bit weighty, but it is the foundation of the Fredrock School of Drumming philosophy and reflective of what I've learned in 30 years in the music business.

Now for the details.  I've played over 3,500 concerts (and counting) in every size of stage and venue; toured half the country with 4 different bands; have been recorded on multiple albums; and now own and operate my own recording studio.

I'm passionate about sharing my knowledge by giving back to the community, and stand ready to help you on your own musical journey.  Let's do this!



Fred is proudly sponsored by Soultone cymbals and Vater drumsticks.

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